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Our freestanding, rigid, double walled cleanroom was designed and built in accordance with criteria called for in Federal Standard IEST-STD-CC1246D. This document specifies physical room conditions including airflow, temperature,humidity, lighting and most importantly airborn particulate allowable for a given area. Our cleanroom is a hard-walled structure utilizing roof mounted HEPA filters that continually extract and filter the air from the room. The clean, cooled air is blown back into the room and this process continues, sweeping out all airborn particulate matter generated by personnel, materials, and other contributing contaminants.

The primary level of cleaning we perform is to a Class 100 Level. To establish the criteria required to meet Level 100 cleaning standards, we refer to IEST-STD-CC1246D. We follow the recommendations in this document for cleaning procedures using recommended solvents and other materials called for. We utilize the tables in this document to establish our basic allowable surface particulate criteria.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality Cleanroom products that meet and exceed our customers requirements while complying with Federal and Industrial standards.

“Barefoot” or “Barefoot Plus” Clear Poly Film
Clear Polyethylene film orders which call for a Level 10,000 or Level 100 specification, are made with a proprietary blend of resin referred to as “Barefoot”. This resin compound consist of a virgin resin base free of anti-block and slip additives. Pure “Barefoot” products are extruded from this resin. For “Barefoot Plus” applications, additives are blended in the virgin compound in minimal amounts, which is determined by the use of the product and the mil thickness of the film. In clear poly bags, minimal amounts of an anti-block agent is recommended so the film will not stick to itself and the bags can be opened.
Cleaned to Level 10,000
Polyethylene film which is extruded as “Barefoot Plus” is deemed to meet Level 10,000 specifications and no additional measures are taken to clean the film. An exception to this is made for Square Bottom Covers; the surface is wiped after construction to remove oils and dirt generated from handling.
Cleaned to Level 100
As stated, each piece of film is measured, blown and wiped to meet the Level 100 criteria. The TAPPI T 564 chart is used to determine the size of allowable containments. Following the procedures set forth in IEST-STD-CC1246D the product is heat sealed inside another bag (also cleaned) and this inner bag is vacuumed & sealed to remove existing air in the bag. A printout from the particle detector is sent with each order for verification purposes.
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