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L-Stat 25 Roll Stock
This Pink Static Dissipative material is the most economical form of ESD Protection. L-Stat 25 is humidity independent, N-Octanoic acid free, does not promote corrosion and has no measurable outgassing. This material meets the electrical & physical properties of PRF-81705D Type II. Click here for stock tubing sizes.

L-Stat 25 Open Top & L-Stat 60 Zip Close Bags
L-Stat 25 Open Top & Zip Close Bags have all the properties listed above converted into a bag of your required size. The bag eliminates the hazard of static damage to electronic and other components. Sizes available from 3” X 3” to 60” X 120” in mil thicknesses from .002 to .008.

Blue & Clear L-Stat 25 & 60 Roll Stock & Bags
L-Stat 25 is also available in Blue and Clear roll stock and bags. Blue is available for product identification and many of the Clear bags are hot stamped for ESD identification. Same properties as Pink material and roll stock and finished products listed above are also available in Blue or Clear material.

L-Stat 35 Open Top & L-Stat 75 Zip Close Bags
Black Conductive Polyethylene is volume conductive material which is made from a single layer of carbon loaded polyethylene. The material creates a Faraday cage effect with E.M.I. and R.F.I. protection. This material meets MIL-P-82646(OS) for the film and MIL-P-82647(OS) for the bags. Sizes available from 3” X 3” to 48” X 96” and is standard in a .004 mil thickness.

L-Stat 15 Open Top & L-Stat 15 Zip Close Bags
Metallized Static Shielding is the most common form of ESD protection. It creates a faraday cage effect with E.M.I. and R.F.I. protection. Multi-layer construction, manufactured from industry approved polyester/metal/polyethylene laminates. Meets electrical & physical properties of MIL-PRF-81705D Type III. Sizes available From 3” X 3” to 48” X 96” and is standard in a .0035 mil thickness

(L-Stat 15 w/pkt. Photo)          

L-Stat 15 with an Additional Document Holder
Often times with the L-Stat 15 Open Top or Zip Close Bag important documentation needs to be carried with the item packaged.  Liberty
offers a full pocket linear sealed to both side edges of the bag or the addition of an add-a-pocket.  The pocket linear is the full width of the
bag and can be an dimension from the bottom of the bag to the top, and the Add-A-Pocket is a 5” X 7” I.D. sheet with ½” adhesive along both sides and bottom of the pocket.  Add-A-Pockets are also sold separately in any quantity required.

(Packing Slip Photo)

Static Dissipative Packing Slip Envelopes
Along with the adhesive capabilities of Liberty’s Add-A-Pocket, we also offer Static Dissipative Packing Slip Envelopes.  These ESD envelopes have a full adhesive easy to peel packing.  The front of the
envelope is a .003 Clear Static Dissipative Poly material.  This is ideal
for holding paper on bin boxes, shelving, and computer disk storage.

Static Dissipative Shop Travelers
Manufactured from a .003, .004 or .006 mil Static Dissipative Poly material or a .006 mil Static Dissipative Vinyl material we can custom design and manufacture an ESD shop traveler for your specific requirements.  Some of these may include a hang hole, three hole punch, extra pockets and/or custom hot stamping.

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