Custom Polyethylene Packaging

polyrthylene handle bags

Handle Bags
Handle Bags/Goodie Bags are ideal as a promotional tool when sending samples, working trade shows, or any time you are selling product and want to keep your name/product visible to the customer. These bags usually have a die cut handle cut out with either a flat sealed bottom or gusset bottom.  Custom printing is available.

elastic polyethylene bag
Elastic Covers
Elastic covers are designed to securely cover a lid or other round objects.  The covers are cut to your pecific size/diameter then an elastic band is sewn into the edge, so the cover will stay securely over the object to be covered.  Available in a crystal clear or matte vinyl from .004 mil to .020 mil and also polyethylene film from .002 mil to .008 mil thick. 
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Custom Polyethylene Packaging
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