Square Bottom Covers & Gusset Bags
Square Bottom Covers
Square Bottom Covers are four sided covers with either a top or bottom that is custom fitted to exactly fit over a specific item. These covers can also be used to lien a carton. Most sizes are available and can be manufactured from most polyethylene and anti-static polyethylene films, along with many different barrier films. These covers provide protection from dust, shock, abrasion, rain and dirt.

Zip Close Square Bottom Covers
For those applications that require full closure of a square bottom cover, Liberty Film & Packaging has designed a unique cut of film that allows the bottom of the cover to be square and straight at the top to add a press close zipper. These are available in many different polyethylene films and also in foil barrier films. this provides further protection as the item is now securely protected by the cover.

Bubble Square Bottom Covers
Bubble Square Bottom Covers are for those applications that require a tight fitting cover along with cushioning protection. These covers can be manufactured from 3/16” to 1/2” clear bubble, along with anti-static bubble. Recently we added a white 3 rd layer 1 /2” bubble cover, which is used in the agriculture industry to help protect and insulate the item that is being packaged.

Gusset Bags
Gusset Bags are open top bags that have an added side gusset that allow the bag to open much wider than a standard open top bag. This is an economical alternative to a square bottom cover. Gusset bags are available in clear polyethylene and static dissipative polyethylene materials from .002 to .006 mil in thickness.

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