Extruding Cababilities
Liberty Film & Packaging offers a very diverse ability to extrude many different polyethylene films. The four different extrusion lines allow us to offer our customers polyethylene films that range in thickness from .002 to .008 and in size from 1 ½” Tubing to 60” Tubing.

The primary resin used in the various polyethylene films extruded in our extruders is an Eastman Chemical resin. This is a low density formulation with Medium slip and medium antiblock added. The finished product is an excellent high clarity, FDA, all purpose low density polyethylene. This resin is stored in our silo containers and is pumped directly into our extruders for applications that are not sensitive to anti-block (diatomaceous earth) or slip agents (oleamide).

Combine the different combinations of polyethylene film available from the above capabilities, Liberty Film & Packaging’s strength lies in Static Control and Cleanroom Films.

Static Control Polyethylene also know as E.S.D. safe film is available in all the above thicknesses and sizes. Our static control polyethylene film is available with a standard pink tint, clear and also in a blue tint.

The film meets and exceeds the electrical properties of the military specifications for static safe polyethylene which is MIL-PRF-81705D TYPE II.

Cleanroom Polyethylene is designed for packaging requirements for a cleanroom environment or for an application that just requires a really clean film to package the product in.

Our Cleanroom Polyethylene is extruded from a proprietary virgin “gaylord resin,” which is a pure barefoot, high clarity, no additive resin. Finished product is manufactured in accordance to the criteria called for in Federal Standard IEST-CC1246D.

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